Engine Test Facility

State-of-the-Art Engine Test Facility

ATE maintains a state-of-the-art universal engine test facility complete with a computerized data acquisition system. Our fixed base engine testing lab provides substantiation of engine performance margins and is capable of detecting lowest vibration levels.

Our test stand has a fixed frame that forms the support structure for the T53 dynamometer and engine skid mounting. The combined height of the stand and dynamometer shaft centerline is at a convenient work height to give all around clear access and vision to the engine. The test cell intake and exhaust system is designed to ensure that cell depression meets industry standards.

Performance Testing

Our highly trained engine test technicians closely monitor sequential performance test levels of every engine. This testing process ensures that engines are built to the highest quality standard.

Technicians understand engine performance so that issues are addressed quickly. Data is analyzed to ensure that engines meet performance requirements.

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