Expert Repairs Management

Helicopter Repairs Management Program - A One Stop Solution

Air Technology Engines' Repairs Management Program saves you time and money. Our strategic partnerships with certified vendors provide you with the best value on engine repairs and rotable items. We have over 35 years of industry knowledge and firsthand experience with FAA approved helicopter repairs.

Customers will receive the best price on the repair of rotables, plus we can provide solutions to reduce the cost of repairing rotables and engines for Bell helicopters, T53 components, and more.

expert repairs management


  • T5311 Series
  • T5313B
  • T5317 Series
  • T53-L-13B
  • T53-L-703
  • T55 series
  • T56/501
  • T63
  • PT6 series
  • T700/CT7
  • J85/CJ610
  • RR250C20 Series


  • UH1H
  • UH1N
  • 204B
  • 205A-1
  • 206
  • OH58
  • 212, 412
  • AH1
  • CH-47, B214, B234
  • C130, P2, L100, E2
  • UH-60, AH-64

One point of contact - one call saves you time.

Ask us about our helicopter repair management program by calling or emailing us today.

With 35 years experience Air Technology manages helicopter component and accessory repair, overhaul, and parts for the T53 Engine, Rolls Royce 250 Engine, transmissions and more. Click here to request a quote.