Precision Repairs & Engineering Technology

Leading in Precision Repairs

Our engineers, and technicians have decades of experience in engine design, overhaul, repair, and precision repairs of parts. Our team provides customers with cost-effective and value-added approaches in overhauls and modifications. Repairs are performed to approved data, applying the highest level of quality work practices available in the industry today. Air Technology Engines’ advanced level of experience contributes to innovative repair processes that result in superior engine performance and reliability.

Air Technology offers helicopter repair, overhaul, and parts for T53 Engines, transmissions, and more turbine engines. Click here to request a quote.

Engineering Technology

Our engineers focus on new repairs to reduce costs and improve engine relibility. Many ATE FAA Approved repairs have become T53 Service Bulletins.

ATE provides Engineering and product improvements that will enhance safety and reliability. ATE's engineering technology provides an efficient cooler operating engine which results in longer engine life and a lower cost of ownership.

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