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T53 Engineering Product Support Notice - PT bearing Heat Shield Repair
(March 16, 2023)There is a history of T53 PT Bearing Heat Shields failing, departing the engine and damaging the aircraft. 'This repair corrects the loose assembly fit for P/N 1-140-182-01 Heat Shield. Air Technology Engines Has received FAA approval to address this problem to eliminate the potential of a heat shield vibratory Failure and possible aircraft damage. Please review the attached instructions and advise if you have any Questions. Click here to read entire press release

Air Technology Engines, Inc. T53 Engineering Product Support Notice - Engine Storage
(January 15, 2020) Operators have asked us of the importance to run the Bell 205 and KMax every 30 days while they are in storage for several months. Turbine engines utilizing a free power turbine to drive the main rotor transmission actually reduced the pilot workload and were a natural fit for the helicopter. A turbine engine is a small light weight package with an excessive amount of power. A comparable reciprocating engine is many times heavier and impossible to use in larger helicopters. However a turbine engine requires more TLC (Tender Loving Care). Click here to read entire press release

T53 Engineering Product Support Notice - Engine Starting
(December 10, 2019) Engine starting can be the most destructive operation of a turbine engine. Engine manufacturers use various means of controlling the starting fuel schedule. The most reliable is with metered fuel. The T53 series uses metered fuel for the main fuel nozzles and unmetered fuel for the starting fuel nozzles. The best starting procedure is with fuel turned off and when an engine reaches a certain speed, to tum on metered fuel that has a minimum and maximum fuel flow at each percent speed. In addition, the T53 uses four unmetered starting fuel nozzles with better atomization than the main fuel nozzles at low Nl speeds. At approximately 25% Nl, the atomization of the main fuel nozzles primaries is better than the atomization of the starting fuel nozzles. Click here to read entire press release

Air Technology Engines Receives Authorization to Repair N1 Gearboxes
(Naples January 1, 2016) Air Technology Engine's has developed special repairs for the N1 Accessory Gearbox that reduce gearbox pressure. Operators reported that gearboxes were leaking oil. ATE engineers identified that oil flow was restricted. The engineering orders reduced gearbox pressure to zero on many engines. These repairs lead to Factory Service Bulletin 0175.

Air Technology Engines Receives Approval to Repair No. 2 Bearing Housings
(Naples June 15, 2016) Air Technology Engine's has developed a special repair to replace eroded sleeves on the number 2 bearing housing. The sleeve is often corroded due to moisture in the cooling air. The repair is approved by Factory.

Air Technology Engines identifies T53 Engine Combustion Rumbling
(Naples June 15, 2017) Air Technology Engine's engineers have identified the cause of engine "rumbling," a loud vibration occurring at low speed that is caused by an excessive gap between the combustor liner and the deflector. This causes destructive vibrations that crack exhaust diffuser struts and cause rapid wear of the turbine rotor splines. The problem has become more pronounced with the introduction of the thermal barrier coating on the deflectors. Please contact Air Technology Engines for more information.

Air Technology Engines reports Improved T53 Performance
(Naples November 21, 2017) Air Technology Engines is producing engines with cooler temperatures and greater power that benefits operators in demanding environments. The company has expanded its precision machine shop utilizing CNC and CMM technology to meet the stringent requirements necessary to build superior performing engines. This requires expert engineering support and detailed precision repairs. Visit Air Technology Engines to learn more.