Engine Models Supported

Turbine Engines and Spare Parts

Air Technology, Inc. provides replacement parts and exchanges for customers around the world. With over 35 years of experience, Air Technology, Inc. provides you with best value solutions. When new material has a long lead time, we offer alternate parts. Air Technology, Inc. strives to help you solve difficult problems.

Air Technology supports you with spare parts and exchange components for the following engines.

  • T5311 Series
  • T5313B
  • T5317 Series
  • T53-L-11D
  • T53-L-13B
  • T53-L-703
  • T55 series
  • T56/501
  • T63-A720
  • RR250C20 Series
  • RR250C20B
  • RR250C20C
  • RR250C20F
  • RR250C20J
  • RR250C20S
  • RR250C20W
  • PT6 series
  • T700/CT7
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Air Technology Engines is a Factory T53 Engine Service Center, offering engine repair for all models of the T53 engine.

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Exchange Program for the T53 Engine, main transmission, gearbox and components for the UH1H Huey, OH58 Kiowa, Cobra, and Other models

With more than 35 years of experience in the industry, Air Technology, Inc. offers a diverse inventory, providing for faster delivery times. Engines and components are available for exchange to provide customers with fast delivery to limit aircraft downtime. Capable of national and international service, Air Technology's engine exchange program serves both military and commercial needs.

Air Technology specializes in T53 turbine engines, as well as main transmissions for the UH1H, 205, 212, 206 and OH58 helicopter models. Striving to support the customer with every need, we offer exchange engines and components to reduce lead time.

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In addition to engine exchange, Air Technology offers repair services and parts for all series of the T53, T55, 250 series and other turbine engines. Click here to request a quote.
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