Transmission & Helicopter Component Maintenance

Fast Reliable Repair Capabilities for Transmission and Major Components

capabilityAir Technology Engines (ATE) provides repair of transmissions and major helicopter components. To reduce lead times and control costs, the company has expanded its in house precision repair capability of parts. CMM machine, Zeis machine, Fuel Control and Governor Test Benches, and Accessory Test Benches have been added to ATE's in-house capabilities.

ATE is teamed with the most experienced engineers to repair more parts. The technical work force is highly trained and supported with engineers that have decades of experience. All of these factors contribute to ATE's capability to produce the best value for every repair or overhaul. ATE has one of the best safety and quality records. Air Technology Engines' advanced level of experience contributes to innovative repair processes, resulting in superior engine performance and reliability.

The engines and components serviced include:

Engine Overhaul, Repair and Modification

Helicopter Components

Part Number Description
204-011-400-series Swashplate Assy
204-011-400-011 Swashplate Assy
204-011-401-009 Scissor & Sleeve Assembly
204-011-401-011 Scissor & Sleeve Assembly
204-011-401-013 Scissor & Sleeve Assembly
204-011-401-017 Scissor & Sleeve Assembly
204-011-401-019 Scissor & Sleeve Assembly
204-011-401-series Scissor & Sleeve Assembly
204-011-801-017 Tail Rotor Hub Assembly
204-011-801-series Tail Rotor Hub Assembly
204-040-012-13 90 Degree Gearbox
204-040-012-series 90 Degree Gearbox
204-040-003-013 42 Degree Gearbox
204-040-003-023 42 Degree Gearbox
204-040-003-037 42 Degree Gearbox
204-040-003-series 42 Degree Gearbox
204-040-620-series Tail Rotor Drive Shaft
204-040-009-series Transmission
204-040-016-005 Transmission
204-040-016-series Transmission
205-040-001-series Transmission
205-540-009-103 Transmission
Part Number Description
212-040-004-series 90 Degree Gearbox
212-040-004-009 90 Degree Gearbox
212-040-003-series 42 Degree Gearbox
212-040-003-029 42 Degree Gearbox
212-040-001-series Transmission
212-040-001-051 Transmission
212-040-001-059 Transmission
212-040-001-179 Transmission
212-040-001-191 Transmission
212-040-007-103 Transmission
206-040-002-series Main Transmission
206-040-450-series Swashplate and Support
206-040-400-series Tail Rotor Gearbox
206-010-450-series Swashplate and Support
206-011-100-series Main Rotor Hub
206-040-004-series Main Transmission
206-040-402-series Tail Rotor Gearbox
206-040-535-series Main Rotor Mast
209-010-401-001 Scissor & Sleeve Assembly
209-010-401-003 Scissor & Sleeve Assembly
209-010-401-005 Scissor & Sleeve Assembly
209-010-401-011 Scissor & Sleeve Assembly
209-010-400-1 Swashplate & Support Assembly

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