Replacement Spares

Helicopter Spares for Helicopter models UH1H, 205, 212, 206, OH58, AH1, T53, T55, 250 series and more

Providing economical solutions for all your helicopter repairs, The Air Technology Group is your source for best value helicopter parts and spares. Providing a huge selection of over 20,000 line items, we have many Bell helicopter spares, as well as parts for:

Helicopters & Fixed Wing Aircraft
  • UH-1H
  • 204B
  • 205A-1
  • 206, OH58
  • 212, 412
  • 214
  • CH-47, B234
  • C130
Turbine Engines including:
  • T5313B
  • T700/CT7
  • T5317 Series
  • T53-L-13B
  • T53-L-703
  • T55 series
  • T5311 Series
  • T56/501
  • 250/T63
Take advantage of Air Technology's fast shipping and best value prices now, and enjoy all the benefits of our professional customer service with our FAA approved parts, refurbished parts, exchange components, and more.

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Air Technology offers helicopter repair, overhaul, and parts for T53, Factory, and more turbine engines. Click here to request a quote.
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